Have you ever wondered where flies come from after you finish dumping dung in a Bush. You are just there peacefully excreting when you start hearing buzzing all around and you wonder who called them. Maybe they were there all the time just waiting for you. This discovery frightened me, that’s why nowadays i walk around bushes trying to spot any fly perched on a leaf waiting for shit.

What I learnt from these flies is that all animals know their role in this universe. No animal is Lazy. I repeat No animal is lazy. Humans are the only animals that have the choice to shirk around, but the destiny of animals was programmed inside their psyche.

It kept me wondering what I would be doing if there was no such thing as education. What would the rest of the Millennials be doing?, Would they be hunting and gathering Warthogs and eggs ? Would the slay queens gather wild fruits and make clothes from snake skin?.

We live in an age where sex and booze is so idolized that it makes the devil worry about loosing new recruits for other evils such as witchcraft and sorcery. Most teen relationships are fueled by booze from a party and sealed by drunk sex.

Sex is too overrated in my opinion, sometimes it’s not worth all the fuss that goes in between before the major act. Some engage in coitus for fun, others because they have the opportunity and some because they feel that they are entitled to it. It has turned a percentage of men and women into addicts. It had made men father fatherless kids and filled single mothers all round. Men have been labeled as dogs because of it.

It has created a Stereotype that when a man approaches a woman all they want from her is sex. Not all my dear. In my case there are many reasons why I ask for a ladies number. It might be because I want extra viewers for my WhatsApp status. I might want some extra number to send my links and forwarded messages (those messages that tell you that you will be blessedif you send to 10 people). I can also use the number to actually ask her out and ask her many questions.

Women are complicated unlike men…men are simple beings who don’t derive pleasure from many twists in an otherwise straight road. What did you expect from a man who kept himself busy by naming animals?. He didn’t want more. As long as there was food, bed of grass and Wi-Fi (Wings and Fish) he was content. Then there came the woman who even decided she could talk to a snake, of all the animals. A snake?

Sometimes what guys really want from a woman is someone to feed his ego, just the act of walking around with her is pleasure enough for the guy. He also wants to be acknowledged as straight and some guys simply get engaged to have someone to spend cash on.

In my case I would like a chick with supple thighs, just for lying on when we go to outdoor picnics. It will also save me cash that would have been used for picnic pillows. Anyway, I’ll find it more peaceful to lie on her thighs as I spin to her tales about my heroic deeds than writhing on top of her for a minute of mirth that will leave us with unanswered questions.

That’s all many men want, a warm place to lie their heads in order to forget, the lost bet, the unpaid debt, their un-bailed mate. Sex is good, but an emotional bond is much better for a start. When God created a 3D duplicate of himself, he made another duplicate of the same. So that woman could be mans assistant.

These leaves me with one question. What happens when two people have a sexual encounter when they don’t even really want to help and stick around each other for long. I may sound like a moral police but c’mon let’s be sensible here. If you be negative about it, you won’t see the bigger picture (pun intended).

If you are asking whether or not I’ve engaged in Sexual intercourse (😹what an ugly word for sex)you better click here


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  1. Uniro lipan kitonga says:

    Quite intresting .How I wish everyone would think this way.This impressed me.

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